The Culture Kit is multi-medium tool designed to initiate and aid the recovery of African Americans. Included in the Culture Kit are the following:

  1. An Instruction Sheet
  2. A Commemorative Flag
  3. A Ceremonial Table Runner
  4. An annual Custom Wall Calendar featuring important African Americans from our past
  5. A recording of our Black National Anthem

With the advent of the Culture Kit, African Americans have an opportunity to utilize it as both a recovery and unification tool. Our unique history, in America, binds us all and affords us an opportunity to establish a sustaining modern unifying "culture."

The Culture Kit experience is centered around taking time out of our lives to enjoy each other and our "glorious" past. That's right, glorious past. Although much maligned, our ancestors were exploited as cheap labor to help create fiscal means and the subsequent technological advances that ultimately facilitated America's advantage over the world. Along the way, those same ancestors displayed great tenacity for survival and a broad creativity that has ultimately lead us to become the most successful African descendants in the world.

In spite of this fact, as we face the 21st Century, the world is once again in great flux and we are becoming increasingly more "invisible" and marginalized. In order to ensure a secure and favorable present and future, for all African Americans, the Culture Kit will unite and guide us towards future success.

Essentially, the Culture Kit identifies special days (plus Black History Month) throughout the year. On these special days, we will be brought together to celebrate a famous and important Black American.

These special days will begin with households throughout the country displaying a commemorative flag and ceremonial table runner. The highlight of the day will be a sit-down dinner, consisting of special and symbolic foods from our past. During the sit-down dinner the household members will recite a renewal poem, sing the Black National Anthem and spend time visiting with one another discussing the special person and any other topics of interest.

The Culture Kit will guide you and your household through the discovery and reinforcement of many facts about our glorious past and support us as we build the foundation of our great future.

Also, included in the Custom Wall Calendar are the following:

We are no longer without an unification and recovery vehicle and this new tool could not have a better purpose than to reestablish and display our fundamental love and concern for each and every Black American brother, sister, and child.

I hope that you find the Culture Kit interesting and worthy of being included in your repertoire of survival tools.

The Culture Kit is perfect for any home, including dormitories as well as cells. It will take all of our best efforts to build our future in an ever changing America and world.