CULTURE KIT Press Release

For immediate release


Mr. Dennis Stokes


African American households and families regardless of their diversity are urged to immediately begin the process of obtaining and using the Culture Kit.


The Culture Kit is a self-contained multi-medium tool designed to provide African American households and families with the perfect recovery vehicle. This tool will be used to strengthen and rebuild our families by aiding the development of a modern unifying African American culture. With the Culture Kit, African American families and households are brought together throughout the year to honor a great African American and celebrate our culture. The highlight of the celebrations will be a sit-down dinner filled with ritual and symbolic foods of our forefathers. Also, other symbolic items will be utilized during the celebrations. The special symbolism reinforces basic truths in which we can find strength and encouragement during the time interval between celebrations. The Culture Kit includes an instruction sheet, a custom wall calendar, a ceremonial flag, a ceremonial table runner, and a recording of the Black National Anthem.


The Culture Kit is a product to be used nationwide. In fact, one measure of the success of our modern culture will be its ability to engage African Americans throughout the United States in a new awakening.


Information about the Culture Kit is available now and can be obtained by contacting S. Enterprises.


While as slaves and after emancipation, we have grown in number, matured, and achieved, but we have failed to reach our true potential as a people. Despite decades of rhetorical encouragement and moderately successful social programs we have not found the vehicle to express our inner selves. Finally, there is a tool available to help us begin our recovery and guide us towards our individual life goals. The support and strengthening of the African American family/household is the goal of the Culture Kit.